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Your Journey

So he’s proposed and you’ve accepted… now it’s time to find that dress

After decades in the bridal and high-fashion industries we have amassed a veritable treasure-trove of knowledge that we would like to share with you in order to help make the whole process, from finding your dream dress, to walking down the aisle as smooth and special as possible. Under the headings below you should find all the information that you require, and some that you may not have even thought of yet! Please take the time to expand each heading, and don’t forget that you can feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Our Designers

Our designers truly are the leaders of the industry and are the epitome of ultimate luxury. These gowns are cut and made in the UK (to the main) to order for each bride. We are proud to have a close, one to one relationship with each designer and work exclusively with them on your behalf.

The list of designers we represent is equivalent to the ‘royal flush’, each being the top designer of their category and style.

Suzanne Neville – unsurpassed in her hour glass figure enhancing corsetry with contemporary design.

Stewart Parvin – understated elegance with superb, subtle cut.

Alice Temperley – utterly feminine, luxurious, eclectic and timeless.

David Fielden – Creative, uber cool, sophisticated yet outstanding feminine cut.

Caroline Castigliano – Refined class, relaxed glamour and sartorial sensuality.

Sharon Bowen-Dryden – Flamboyant, unique, imaginative showstopping gowns

Our Team

Directors Carina Baverstock and Lucy Hayward-Rodgers have both had years of experience in both the fashion and bridal industry. It is their passion and it shows in every aspect of the standards upheld throughout the Carina Baverstock Couture experience.

The style of service during your consultation is truly genuine and often candid whilst always understanding of each bride’s individualities, worries and often very moving stories.

Each member of this highly trained team will always give you their best to ensure you make decisions with confidence and knowledge. Carina Baverstock Couture is respected by top designers and brides alike – word of mouth is a powerful thing and of course receiving two major national awards speaks volumes.

Contact Details

Carina Baverstock Couture
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It is important to choose the right boutique for you. Bridal boutiques vary hugely in both style and price ranges, from between £600 to over £6000! You need to be sure you book the boutique that’s right for you.

There should be no embarrassment in discussing budget. In order for us to help you as much as we can, straight forward honesty is the best policy. We start from around £2000 and can go beyond £5000, with most sitting between £2000 and £3000. There are, of course, charges for the complete alteration package or, if required, made-to-measure and toile. We also have our sample boutique where high quality designer gowns can be obtained at massively reduced prices. Please enquire further when booking your appointment.

The Consultation

Our consultations with Carina herself run for approximately 1½ hours.

At the beginning of your consultation Carina will listen to you and take time to get to know you and your sense of style. She will use her expertise in interpreting that into your perfect bridal gown which truly enhances your beauty. Carina will guide you through styles, silhouettes, necklines, colour and textures which are best for you.

If you really talk to her about your figure worries, she will be empathetic and become your new best friend in helping you feel confident about that area of your body. She will be honest and frank with you. (We believe brides know when you’re lying to them!) We have a selection of shoes/strapless bras for you to wear during your consultation so no need to bring your own unless you wish to. It is always best to wear nude or pale underwear to your consultation, and as you are being ‘dressed’ by one of us, we’re sure you’ll want to wear decent knickers that cover you!

We will then guide you through trying on several dresses from our stunning collection (usually between 5 and 8 dresses) and offer advice and guidance as we go to help you narrow in on the perfect one for you!

Consultation Charge

Weekday consultations are complimentary however on Saturdays we do charge a £30 fee. As these consultations are so in demand, we need a serious commitment to booking. If you would like a private VIP consultation, please ask however this may not be possible on a Saturday.

Buying an Ex-Display Gown

As you can see from our Sale Boutique Page we have a stunning range of designer ex-display dresses for sale here in the boutique. Ex-display gowns are dresses that have been used here in the boutique for trying on or for photo shoots and are therefore available with up to 50% off their normal retail prices. This makes buying an ex-display dress a really clever way of finding your dream dress within your dream budget!

Sale dresses are sold on a first come, first served basis so if you really want to grab that gown at a sensational price then please make sure to come to your sample appointment with everyone you would need to consult before committing to your dress, and also all of your finances in place. Sale gowns are paid in full at time of purchase so do make sure you bear that in mind as they are in demand and you may not get a second chance!

There is obviously only one size of each sample available, but don’t worry if you are not the exact size of the sample then all is not lost. We have a fabulous team of couture level fitters who are on hand to adjust your gown to fit you like it was made for you. Ex-display gowns can be sized down in such a way that retains the proportions of the gown – and in some cases, even if you are slightly larger than the sample size then we can occasionally work our magic there too!

Please do let us know that you are interested in our ex-display dresses when you telephone or email to book in for your consultation- and do keep an eye out for our special sample events.

Bringing Children

We love little ones but please try not to bring them with you to your very special consultation. We want you to be able to soak up every moment and not feel distracted in any way from the enjoyment of the boutique.

Taking Photographs

During consultations, we would recommend not taking any photographs. Often the sample gowns do not fit well and that is what the onlooker of the photograph will focus on. Having a photo of a dress three sizes too small does not build confidence and there is already so much information on the internet that you can usually find a photo of your dress.

In our experience your appointment should be a wonderful, private experience for you and your chosen advisor. Allow yourself to feel what’s right, and do not get obsessed with your figure or what your friend looked like when she got married.

When to Order

Please don’t leave the ordering of your chosen gown too late. Magazines often give out wrong information about this. Some companies can do less than six months, others need more according to how busy they are or the fabric involved where the fabric is sourced. With time, we can do anything.

Once You Have Bought Your Gown

Congratulations on selecting your dream wedding dress and for becoming a Carina Baverstock Couture bride!

The CBC Team will always be here to hold your hand and advise you through any wobbles or queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at all. They will now process your order with your chosen designer and follow the orders placed with us through on your behalf. They are also there to organise all fitting appointments so feel free to call or they will contact you at the key points during the process.

Our Couture-Standard Fitting Team

These are highly trained, couture standard seamstresses. She is your new best friend and she will work with you, advising you on the right underwear, the fit of the dress and of course, carry out necessary alterations for you to ensure perfect fit. Finally she will press and professionally pack your gown for collection.

If you are struggling to find good underwear that will work with your dress, then we may have found the perfect solution for your backless, frontless and strapless needs! Please click on the following link to view this great range: www.enderlegard.com

Where possible, we will always endeavour to keep you with the same fitter throughout the entire process with us. We believe that it is best for you to see a familiar face and build a relationship with your fitter. We have two highly-trained fitters who work on opposite days of the week, one on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the other on Wednesdays and Fridays. When booking in you will be asked which day of the week is generally best for you and we would ask you to try and stick to that day for you measurement appointments, toile appointment (where applicable) and of course the first and second fit of your dress.

Booking Your Fitting Appointment

We will contact you at the key points throughout your journey with us to book in for your relevant fitting appointments, or do feel free to contact us.

We have a wonderful team of fitters who hold appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When booking in you will be asked which day of the week is generally best for you and we would ask you to try and stick to that day for your measurement appointment, toile appointment (where applicable) and of course the first and second fit of your dress.

Please work with us and try to keep holiday days or half days for your all-important fittings! Buying the dress is just the first step, the fittings process is just as important and will make the gown truly yours.

Fitting Appointment Dos And Don’ts

These are held in our beautiful, brand new, private fitting rooms tucked away behind our boutique.

1. Breathe Deeply and Relax! Let us assure you that the first fit of your actual gown is to ‘perfect the fit’ – don’t expect it to be perfect yet, that is why you are with us, so that we can get it just right for you.

2. You are working with experienced, fully trained, in-house bridal fitters and couture level seamstresses who will ensure you have a beautifully fitted dress but please try to keep in mind the following advice:

– May we advise you just bring one or two special people such as your mum or bridesmaid as a second pair of eyes, preferably it should be the person dressing you on the day.

– Bra and shoes are essential for a 1st fitting and without them our fitters cannot do their job.

  1. Bring a choice of bras (leave the labels on!) and allow the fitter to advise the best bra for you and your dress. If you are struggling to find good underwear that will work with your dress, then we may have found the perfect solution for your backless, frontless and strapless needs! Please click on the following link to view this great range: www.enderlegard.com

  2. Knickers should be nude and seamless
  3. Choose shoes which are comfortable and will last the whole day and evening. If you change to a lower shoe later on your wedding day, your dress will ‘drag’ across the floor.

– At first fit, decide with your fitter on everything you feel needs to be done on your dress so that by the second fit, it should all be perfect for you. It is imperative you hold your weight between first and second fit. Third fits are available, but the less your dress is handled, the more pristine it will remain and the fewer additional costs you will incur.

– It’s important to arrive on time for your fittings. Unfortunately we cannot keep the next bride waiting, so it will be your appointment that is cut short.

– Smile, you are a lucky girl wearing the most beautiful dress in the world!

Designer collections from £2000 upwards – please telephone to make an appointment – 01225 866 610 Stunning selection of sample gowns priced from £1000 – see Sample Boutique page