Suzanne Neville designer day in full swing!

Our Suzanne Neville day has been extrememly busy with lots of happy brides!  We are coming to the end of the day now but I have stolen a moment to show you some pictures of Suzanne and our team hard at work with some of our brides.

Suzanne is wonderful and as you can imagine she has a wealth of knowledge about finding the perfect dress to suit every shape and personal style.  All of our brides have commented on how knowledgeable and professional Suzanne is, not to mention how charming and personable she is!  That is why we love it when she pays us a visit!

Suzanne explaining her ledgendary corsetry

Suzanne has even sketched up some bespoke creations for our brieds today – what lucky girls!!

Suzanne sketching for a bride

Suzanne showing her sketches to a bride and her sister

Thank you for coming to see us Suzanne and thank you to all of our lovely brides for making the day so special!


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