Academy Award Fashion Finale

If like us, you were enraptured until the early hours of Monday morning by the academy awards, you would have also beheld the throng of stars illuminating the Oscars red carpet with statement style and fabulous fashion.

We were particularly struck by the metallic beading and embellishing chosen by so many, whether it was Adele in her stunning Jenny Packham, one of our designers, or George Clooney’s new beau in a, quite breath taking, Naeem Khan studded gown, the stars were definitely sparkling.

In terms of colour, the general expression of muted tones was the preferred choice, excluding of course Jane Fonda in canary yellow and Reese Witherspoon in on trend cobalt blue.  However, while this is a fairly safe road to take, the couple in grey (Amanda Seyfried and Amy Adams) were very clear examples that matching your gown colour to your skin tone is vital to the success of a dress; too pale and it can wash you out (a la Amy et Amanda).

Corsetry was another element to a gown’s success on the red carpet on Sunday, displaying a love by celebrities of the natural line…Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence being beautiful examples of classic corsetry.  If this style inspires you, our designer Suzanne Neville’s corseted gowns could be the answer to your wedding dress dreams.