Looking Ahead…

With milliner Vivien Sheriff’s new arrivals stealing the show in our Luxury Occasion Wear Boutique, we felt they were in need of an introduction.

The newest members of our elite collection of handmade, bespoke headwear by this illustrious designer will not only be essential for many social events of the upcoming season, but also, an indispensable addition and investment to your personal style of tomorrow.

Summer weddings, Ascot, Henley Royal Regatta…wherever you choose to frequent this season, you can be sure you will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, in a Vivien Sheriff creation.

 Both pictures: Selene in Naturals styled with St Erasmus Jewellery

Zomba in Burgundy styled with Marilyn Shoes by Rachel Simpson

Zomba in Havana Silver

Assana in Pink/Rose styled with St Erasmus Necklace and broach


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