Great Gatsby Windows…

Look out for a possible traffic stopping window display!
Revellry and party glamour oozes from Carina Baverstock Couture’s epic windows this week.
Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ after the release of Bas Luhrmann’s epic recreation of the classic novel; our windows are dripping with 1920s glamour, opulence and, above all, style.
With Jenny Packham’s Esme and Tuberose gowns in the right window ensconced in decadent peacock feathers and drenched in fabulous headpieces by designers Jannie Baltzer, Jenny Packham, Flo and Percy and Leigh-Anne McCague, this extraordinary display really does take your breath away.
The left window is embellished with a shroud of white ostrich feathers enveloping Ritva Westenius’ aptly named ‘Gatsby’ gown and veil by Viven Sheriff. The epitome of timeless, 20s chic and certainly with a hint of that wild, flirtatious and licentious era.

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