The Great Gatsby Countdown…

With one of the most talked about film releases of the decade, Baz Luhrmann’s take on the infamous Fitzgerald novel ‘The Great Gatsby’, finally hits our screens a week today.
After reading an article by the New York Post, we can’t help but wonder if, like the brides across the pond, the 1920s glamorous, Art Deco revelry will infuse its way into wedding plans here…we think it might.
With flapper fashions and glamorous, decadent decor slowly creeping their way back into the wedding scene recently, planners expect to see the trend develop with the release of this notorious and scandalous classic; especially among the more adventurous brides looking to create a memorable and timeless wedding day.
In terms of the fashion, in order to recreate that roaring ‘20s ambiance we anticipate beaded, bias-cut, often with that signature drop waist, to be flying from our padded hangers here at Carina Baverstock Couture. Designers such as the Gatsby by Ritva Westenius, Esme by Jenny Packham and Sophia by Eliza Jane Howell are likely to be much desired to recreate this wild, flirtatious and fun era.