Rachel and Liam – Swans in love, they form a heart…

And so the poem goes…Swans in love they form a heart,
You’ll never see the swans apart.
Their hearts together form as one,
but you and me have just begun.
Well now we know that love can be,
Therefor you are the swan for me. (Vanegas)

Rachel and Liam married on the 15th September last year at St Katherine’s Church in Holt followed by a beautiful reception at Orchardleigh. We’ve just received the photos by Lush Imaging, and these are not to be missed…!

Rachel wore the stunning Swan Dress by Matthew Williamson and just looked utterly breathtaking. The gown really encapsulated the natural, relaxed feeling of their big day whilst giving her an utterly stunning and unique twist with those fabulous feathers! Swans are often a symbol of love, so what could be more perfect?

We love the bright colour palate they chose with the blues and purples working beautifully with the grey tweeds and warm ivory of Rachel’s gown; real style and so much fun! Together with Liam’s tweed, the couple were the picture of natural elegance, youthfulness and fun but most of all, happiness.

We would like to wish them all the continued happiness and love in their future together!

‘Thank you so much for all your help and support, I was truly blown away by how beautiful Rachel looked’ – Liam

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