Springspiration Mood Board

We have long been fans of cheerful shades, from bright yellows and pinks, to subtle creams and deep greens; what’s not to love? No matter what season you’re wedding, there is a super Spring colour for everyone.

We are in love with the floral ice cubes, a perfect drink to serve during those wonderful warm-weather months.

Here’s how to make edible flowers ice cubes:

– First things first: Start with edible flowers. There are a variety of edible flowers, but make sure you know yours are –or better yet, but from a knowledgeable source. Sometimes they’re available in the herb section of your local grocery store

-Place the flowers face down in the tray. Fill cubes about ¼ of the way full, so the flowers are just covered. Freeze until solid. Add water until tray is half full (about ¼ cube more). Return to freezer and freeze until solid.

-Repeat this process twice more until cubes are completely full and frozen. (Optional step: if you’d like a second layer of flowers, add them after the third addition of water.

-Once the cubes are completely solid, dislodge from tray and use in drinks. Keep in mind the flowers will infuse a slight floral taste, so take that into consideration when choosing the drinks. (Water and lemonade are great non-alcoholic options.)