Advice from the married side…

Wedding-planning tips from our bride Victoria

It’s hard to shy away from bridal trends and sometimes it can feel like wedding overload! But one thing you can never get enough of is advice from real brides. We asked our newlywed Victoria to shell out her best tips for the big day. So from one bride to another, listen up!

Making it personal-

We felt it was important to have a day which reflected our style and personalities, so we considered this in pretty much every choice we made. From our colour scheme and outfits, to the cake and the choice of champers – we made sure it was all in-keeping with our style and the things we love. We wanted a fun and sociable day, so two key things which helped make this happen were:

1.Our choice of seating arrangements – we went for a banquet U-shaped table setting so that our guests were sat on one big table with us. This was great fun, it got everyone socialising, and it meant that we were part of the action too!

2.Our choice of photographer – we chose a photographer who could capture the day as it happened, rather than having to pose for lots of photos. This meant our wedding pictures reflected the day we spent together. This also meant that we could spend more time on the day socialising with our guests, and there wasn’t a time when we were pulled away from the fun to have our pic taken. Our photographers were the very talented John and Soph Barwood (

Getting Focused –

All bride and grooms will tell you, there is SO MUCH to do on the run up to your big day, it can be overwhelming. Three things I would recommend that really helped:

1.A wall calendar – this may sound mad, but having a wedding calendar on our wall really helped us visualise what we had to do, and when. We put each task on a small post-it and stuck it to a day/weekend which helped us understand what we needed to achieve each week to stay on-track. This meant that we didn’t have a last minute panic because we were always doing little things each week.

2.Get your partner involved! I hear so many brides say “IT’S MY DAY!” and take full control of every decision, then get super-stressed because they have so much to do. If you can let your future spouse have their say, and make sure they have their role in the organising then it’s half the work for you! And, you’ll end up with a day you both love and memories you’ll treasure forever.

3.Rope in all the help you can get – lots of people want a say in your big day which can be challenging at times. However, people who want to throw their tuppence in are usually doing so simply because they want to be involved. Channel this energy by allocating jobs! For example, if you want a string quartet at your wedding, ask someone to help by finding out who offers the service, how much they’ll cost and come back to you with a shortlist. This means the person is happy because they’re involved, you’re less stressed because you’ve had some help with the hard work, and you still get to make the final decision yourself – happiness all round!

Listen to your heart-

I went to about 7 boutiques and struggled to find “the one” – I was lucky to find a lot of dresses I liked, but it was hard to find one that truly reflected my style and personality. When I went to Carina B it was a whole different story – Carina sat with me and talked through my likes/dislikes, my style and what I was looking for. She then pulled out a handful of dresses and there it was – THE ONE!
I felt so different in this dress than in any other dress I tried on, I felt incredible. My bridesmaids knew it was the one when I walked out of the changing room with the biggest grin they’d ever seen on my face up to that moment (they have since seen bigger grins on the big day itself!).

On the day-

Let go of all the pre-wedding stress and roll with it – try to keep calm and enjoy the nervous excitement. Soak up every moment – it will pass by so quickly, so savour every single laugh, smile, hug, tear, sip of Champagne and mouthful of cake.
On the topic of cake – we saved two HUGE slabs of cake to munch in our hotel room the next day, together with a very large mug of coffee. I highly recommend doing this!

In with the new-

We used an Instagram hashtag for our big day and it was a fantastic success. It meant that we could search our hashtag and see our wedding from our guests’ perspective – it was lovely re-living our day and seeing the fun people had!

Top three tips- General advice-
1 Make decisions which are true to you and your partner so you have a day which you both love
2 Spread the wedding jobs, do them little and often, and rope people in to help!
3 Savour every moment of your big day (and save yourselves some cake!)