Janey wearing David Fielden for a whimsical wiccan wedding!

“Hi Sam, Carina, Alex, Si and team –

I love you all and you know this, so I wanted to share with you the first flush of professional photos from mine and Adam’s handfasting in the foothills of Glastonbury Tor. (What self-respecting White Witch would carry a bouquet and not a broomstick?!)…

I adore my dress and I feel she adored me… as we went galloping through Glastonbury mud together and dancing like Pagans around the bonfire. Adam thought it was stunning. I cannot wait to pass her onto the next girl in my family of all-males besides me (she will come along eventually!) grass-stains and all.

It was an incredible day, even with the atmospheric rain / mist on what appeared to be our last day of summer.

Thank you for everything you did for me and how fab I felt coming into the boutique every single day… I could never have gone anywhere else for my gown. I don’t get a lot of chances to feel magnificent so thank you, from the heart of me. You are all Goddesses.

Perfume I wore: Firedance by Ruth Mastenbroek
Flowers: Creativity by Nina Jane Norton
Photos: Emma Stoner
Venue: Splotts Moor Farm


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