Picturesque Moroccan for picture perfect Jody in Suzanne Neville’s ‘Delphine’ gown.

“Hi Carina and Louise – hope you’re keeping well,

We had the most insane and incredible three days in Morocco….I always thought it was a bit of cliche when people say it’s one of the best days of your life, but it really was both completely magical and a total hoot!
With the exception of Blackburn Bridal, I had the most mediocre shopping experience in London. I honestly thought I was never going to find anything.
Making that 200 mile round-trip was worth every penny Carina. You nailed the brief in five minutes, your attention to detail is incredible and I had the best experience by far. And the dress….just perfect in every single way.
Wedding Photographer: dancharity
All my love Jody”

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