Gorgeous Real Bride Natasha Glowing on her Special Day in her Suzanne Neville Nouveau Wedding Gown for her Summer Barn Wedding

“Dear Carina

We’ve just received the photos through from our wedding in July and I couldn’t resist sending you a few (slightly more than a few tbh, I found it so hard to narrow it down!) 
I found your beautiful Suzanne Neville Nouveau in the sample sale in 2021. I instantly knew I was in the best hands with you, the appointment went like a dream! Brooke did the most incredible job with the fittings, Sam found the perfect comb and veil, and Mollie was so kind and patient during the initial try ons. I’m so grateful to Louise too for coordinating my appointments and being on hand for advice.
It felt so special to finally wear the dress on the day, I can’t really put it into words!
You have such a talented, friendly and positive team, I can’t thank you enough.
Tash (Mrs Perkins!)”
Photography: Kathryn Clarke

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