Mother of the Bride? Can’t Find Anything Suitable-Read This:-My Journey with Carina B Couture Designing & Creating a Fabulous Bespoke Outfit For My Important Day

“When my daughter decided to get married, I was of course delighted, it is always nice to have an excuse to dress up. However, as I begun to search for a MOB outfit, I realised it was not going to be so easy to find something other than the uniform that there appears to be for MOB’s in the shops! I am not one to conform at the best of times, so I was becoming increasingly frustrated in trying to find an outfit that was very much me!

After purchasing something that I settled for, I still had a nagging feeling that it was not right!

One after noon I was scrolling on Instagram and happened to see a beautiful green coat that had been created by Louise and Carina for another MOB. 

I had never had anything made for myself and it felt quite decadent, but I decided to take the plunge and call Carina.

On my first call with Carina she listened attentively to my enquiry and also asked many questions to begin to get clear on what I was looking for. I immediately took to Carina as it was obvious her desire was to please and provide an excellent level of service.

On my first appointment I met Carina and Louise whose incredible talent brought my outfit to life! We talked through my ideas and explored other options that I certainly had not considered. Carina had a few coats of different styles for me to try on which was really helpful, as I personally needed to see something on myself to really be able to visualise the look I was after.

We talked at length about the type of wedding and the venue, it was a barn in the Lake District in October hence the layers and coat.

After much discussion we decided on a coat, a top and some trousers that would create a whole outfit but because they were separates that could be worn again, not just tucked away after the wedding!

Louise quickly produced an image and drawing and I left feeling very excited to begin to think about colours and materials at our next appointment.

At the next appointment I took my girls with me, so included the bride to be. Carina and Louise were so welcoming to us all. Louise had sourced some beautiful fabrics with a few different colour palates and textures. After much laughter, modelling of fabrics swatches and input from us all, we decided on some colours that wouldn’t normally have been my first choice but were truly beautiful. Throughout this process Louise and Carina were incredibly sensitive to how I felt but also gently encouraged me to think outside my comfort zone but not so I ever felt not myself. They encouraged me to share my personality and energy through my outfit!

At our third appointment I tried on the outfit in Toile. This was a fascinating process watching Louise, work her magic, tweaking, shape, fit, style of design and the outfit in monochrome appearing before my eyes! It was also a long appointment so be prepared to stand and be patient with the process. This process is a very worthwhile but is an also emotional and time investment. One I am so glad that I made!

At this stage I could feel and see the outfit coming to life but still found it quite difficult to really see what the finished outfit would look like. I however learnt to trust Louise and her very obvious skill and knowledge of what would work or not. 

 The time had come to see the wonderful fabrics we had created come together, I was blown away by how gorgeous it was but also a little nervous about how I would wear them and do them justice. Carina and Louise were kind and supportive in helping me manage my self-doubt and as I watched the final adjustments being made I began to imagine how I would feel on this special day.

The final fittings were such fun, tweaking the fit, trying on accessories and shoes and even make up that I would wear at the wedding! Louise took pictures at every fitting so I could include my girls in the creation of the outfit and keep as a record of its creation. We did have some fun at these appointments! 

The wedding day arrived, and I was so excited to wear my outfit, it was so colourful, but complemented the wedding theme of a sunny Autumn Day perfectly. 

I had so many compliments on my outfit, “I knew you wouldn’t wear anything traditional ” ” What a stunning outfit, I love the colours” “How beautiful your coat is, you look amazing”

When I put my beautiful orange coat on my partner just looked at me and said wow, that is perfect and so you! That was just what I was looking for.

The day your daughter gets married is such a special day, full of laughter, pride and emotion, I was definitely a Mother of the Bride and proud to be so, but I was also myself. The outfit was of course only part of that feeling but certainly a very important part. 

 As I embarked on this creative process, I had little expectation of what it would be like. 

Carina and Louise being the experts that they are, guided, advised, encourage, and supported at every step. 

 If you are having trouble finding an outfit for any occasion but especially for the role of MOB , I can’t recommend enough going through this process. 

You won’t regret it, I certainly didn’t! 

The finished outfit and the experience of wearing it on my daughter’s wedding day was worth the investment both financially and in time.

I’ve also already worn my coat again. I wouldn’t hesitate in having another outfit designed from scratch, I just need to find the right occasion now!

Thank you so much everyone at Carina Baverstock, you are all delightful and supreme experts in your field.”

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