Carina B Couture Bath: 5 Suzanne Neville Gowns to Inspire Your Wedding Wardrobe

Step into the spotlight and discover the magic that awaits you with Suzanne Neville and Carina B Couture. Suzanne Neville is a renowned British wedding dress designer known for her elegant and sophisticated bridal gowns. She has been in the industry for over 25 years and is celebrated for her exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Suzanne Neville’s designs often feature clean lines, exquisite tailoring, and luxurious fabrics, creating timeless and romantic looks for brides. Her collections showcase a range of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and fashion-forward, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Suzanne Neville’s dresses are sought after by brides worldwide, and she continues to be a prominent figure in the bridal fashion industry. Join us as we explore five extraordinary gowns that will inspire and elevate your wedding wardrobe to new heights of sophistication and glamour.


Katikies is a breathtaking masterpiece crafted from a luxurious double satin crepe. This fitted dress is designed to accentuate your curves, with its elegant silhouette and adjustable slit adding a touch of allure. The show’s true star is the captivating keyhole back, which beautifully frames your shoulders and adds a hint of intrigue. The sultry draping of this slinky dress exudes sophistication and sophistication, making it a truly unforgettable choice. As you glide down the aisle, the satin fabric gracefully catches the light, enveloping you in a radiant glow that will leave everyone in awe on your special day. Katikies by Suzanne Neville epitomises timeless elegance, ensuring you make an unforgettable entrance as you embark on your journey of love and celebration.


Indulge in the timeless beauty of Penny, a mesmerising creation by Suzanne Neville. This strapless gown exudes sophistication and grace, crafted from fine Mikado fabric that lends an air of luxury to every movement. The pleated bodice adds texture and visual interest while accentuating the feminine curves with its impeccable tailoring. The wrap skirt drapes elegantly, creating a fluid, ethereal silhouette that glides effortlessly with each step. Completing the ensemble, is an elegant belt delicately positioned at the waist, adding a touch of definition and accentuating your natural figure. Penny encapsulates a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern refinement, making it a captivating choice for brides seeking a chic and timeless aesthetic.


Prepare to be enamoured by the enchanting allure of Aveline, an extraordinary creation by Suzanne Neville. This fitted Cloque wedding dress is designed to celebrate the feminine form with its impeccable tailoring and captivating details. Aveline’s silhouette gracefully hugs your curves, accentuating your figure with a touch of sensuality. The luxurious Cloque fabric adds a unique texture and depth to the gown, creating a visually stunning, chic and sophisticated effect.

Adding a whimsical touch to this elegant ensemble are the detachable puff sleeves, which effortlessly transform the look from classic to contemporary. With the sleeves attached, Aveline exudes a romantic and ethereal vibe reminiscent of fairytale princesses. They delicately cascade down the shoulders, adding a softness and a touch of playfulness to the overall design. However, if you prefer a more streamlined and modern aesthetic, simply remove the puff sleeves for a sleek, minimalist look that exudes confidence and sophistication.


We adore the pure glamour radiating from this exquisite fitted beaded tulle stunner. Every detail of this gown has been meticulously crafted to create a look that exudes sophistication, allure, and undeniable va-va-voom. The intricate beadwork that adorns the tulle fabric adds a touch of opulence, catching the light and creating a mesmerising sparkle that will leave everyone in awe.

What sets this gown apart is its versatility. You have the option to wear it with or without sleeves, allowing you to customise your look based on your personal style and the overall vibe of your wedding. With the sleeves, this gown exudes an air of vintage romance and elegance, adding a touch of demure allure to your ensemble. Alternatively, opting for a sleeveless look transforms the gown into a statement of modern glamour, highlighting your shoulders and creating a sleek and sensual silhouette.


Indulge in the sophisticated understatement and impactful design of this stunning strapless dress adorned with a stand-out bow. The corseted bodice showcases your figure flawlessly, while the fishtail skirt adds a touch of allure. The detachable bow and train provide an extra layer of drama, allowing you to customise your look. Whether you choose to embrace the grandeur of the bow and train or opt for a more streamlined silhouette, this dress is the epitome of elegance. It will leave a lasting impression on your special day. With its designer touch and figure-flattering design, this strapless stunner strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and impact, ensuring that you make a memorable entrance as you walk down the aisle.

In conclusion, the allure of Suzanne Neville’s exquisite gowns is undeniable. From the red carpet glamour to the designer touches that make each gown special, these dresses will inspire brides in Bath and beyond. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of Penny, the versatility of Aveline, the pure glamour of the fitted beaded tulle stunner, or the sophisticated understatement of the strapless dress with a stand-out bow, Suzanne Neville’s creations offers something for every bride.

To explore these stunning gowns and find your dream wedding dress, book a 1.5-hour bespoke appointment at Carina B Couture in the picturesque town of Bradford upon Avon. Our expert team will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have a personalised and memorable experience while discovering the perfect gown for your special day. Embrace the red carpet glamour and let Suzanne Neville’s designs become a reflection of your unique style and beauty on your wedding day.