Beautiful bride Cristina wearing her bespoke Excelsior wedding dress by Suzanne Neville

“Dear Carina / Alison and the rest of CBC team, 

I have waited for our formal pictures before emailing you to express my absolute gratitude towards the utmost professional and yet personal service and care you have provided me with for the better part of over a year and a half. 
As you may still recall, I came to you, Carina, having researched the wedding dress designers you represent. Very quickly I realised I wanted a simple yet elegant style that would speak for itself. A style that would not overwhelm me and whilst I hoped it may help me look the part on the day, I wanted it to represent who I am from all aspects. So I went for a simple, yet elegant dress that was sophisticated on and off the hanger. Something that was playful and yet elegant, something that expressed strength and yet it was all around exquisite. I eyed Amber but following a change in heart and venue / date / season, Excelsior from Suzanne Neville was what we went for in the end that ticked all these boxes.
I would like to thank you, Carina, for your patience. Patience, honesty, charisma, and direct approach. We have clicked quite instantly. Although I knew what I wanted to achieve overall, I needed a savvy eye for bridal fashion to help guide me on the right path. You had that and more.I truly believe having been to only a couple of shops, you are at the top of your field!  I did not want to be a veil type of bride. In fact, I am not too sure I wanted to be the usual bride at all. You realised that and adjusted the Excelsior to become exactly what I needed to feel comfortable within myself. Then you took it up a notch to suggest a unique detachable train and exquisite head piece. My parents were absolutely pleased with our choices in the end and they also send you their thanks for looking after me so well. 
Alison – it would be more than fair to say from the moment we met, I felt so at ease with you. It was such a smooth journey having you on the team. Not only have you addressed every single detail with your eagle-eyed skills, you also knew what to say and to listen when I needed it the most through some very upsetting events that happened just a month before the wedding. Thank you for being there for me. It truly meant the world being able to feel comfortable and off-load during our appointments whilst also making the dress fit me from every angle. Not only did you work your magic on my dress, but you went above and beyond and came to the wedding venue to see me in it on the day! I am not entirely certain I could ever express my gratitude enough. THANK YOU! You really took the service at CBC to the next level with your utmost professionalism, skill, kindness and willingness to help me when I really needed that extra bit of support. 
If I had my time again, I would not have gone anywhere else and I recommend you to all my friends / colleagues planning their wedding. I believe two of them are already on your list? Lizzie and Felicity? Both very excited to pick their dresses, I hear Suzanne is very high if not top of their list as well! 
Without further ado as I have already made this email very lengthy (apologies!), I have attached some pics below to share the perfect day and memories I have with you as well. Needless to say the dress was a complete success with everyone but particularly with my now husband and my parents who are the people I wanted to love this dress the most. She is now being cleaned with the cleaning company you advised me to use. 
Thank you for all of your love and care. 
Much love, 

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