CBC bride Amelia wearing a bespoke Sassi Holford dress and jacket for her Notley Abbey wedding

Dear Louise, Mollie, Carina and her team,

When I first started looking for a dress, ironically at Sassi Holford’s studio in Taunton, I thought perhaps I just don’t suit white. However, who would have known that Carina putting multiple dresses on me at once would have sparked me into envisaging myself in a wedding gown.

Mollie’s guidance and supportive communication throughout, made planning a wedding dress from the other side of the world simple and every time I visited the boutique it felt like I had seen her that very morning.

Where do I start with Louise? She truly made this dress what it was, a dress beyond my wildest dreams. Not only did she sit on the floor for two hours, heavily pregnant , pinning what seemed to be a never-ending tulle skirt, but she supported me throughout. From the little whispers in my ear to reassure me of my vision to the incredible speed and accuracy of her work, she is an incredibly talented and good-hearted person who I’m honoured to have met.

Each moment spent in the Carina B Boutique I will treasure forever.

Much love

Mr and Mrs Bowden

P.S Louise, please do send pictures of the baby.

Dress: Sassi Holford

Pearl headband: Dolecka

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