A David Fielden wedding dress and velvet suits on the hottest day of 2023!

“Dear Carina, Sam and the team,

I never thought about my dress or how I looked in it, how well it went with the bridal party’s velvet suits or how it felt on the hottest day of 2023. That dress that had become me. At every one of my fittings with Sam my dress became a little more and a little more of me so that by the time of The Big Day, I was getting into a second skin that I need never worry about. It was perfect.
Thank you very much to Carina pairing us together and to Sam for moulding the finishing touches. There was no luck involved, only expert eye. Also cleverly crafted to the back of Aurora’s dress was a bow made out of the hem leftover from my dress, thank you to Sam for saving it.
Your whole team were so friendly and accommodating – we had to bring baby Aurora to all the fittings, who now has a seriously skewed view of what “shopping” is… watch out!
Sam, we’re wishing you all the best with your wedding plans. Only thing I can say as advice is, it really is the most special kind of fun make sure you lap-up every minute of it. 
 Photographer: @madeleine.cardozo.photography (Madeleine Cardozo) – Bridal party suits – Sezane (Paris clothing brand) – Flowers: @rolloskinner (botanical set designer, illustrator and writer) – Hair: thelittlesanctuary (Gillingham, Dorset).
All my love,
Dress David Fielden

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