Bride wearing Suzanne Neville from Carina B Couture, for her Dewsall Court wedding

Daisy Wore Suzanne Neville for her Elegant Autumn Wedding at Dewsall Court

When Daisy married Barnaby on October 21, 2023, her Suzanne Neville gown was the centrepiece of a wedding that blended timeless elegance with personal flair. The ceremony, held at the picturesque Dewsall Court, highlighted the couple’s unique style and the exquisite craftsmanship of Daisy’s dress.


Suzanne Neville long sleeved wedding dress, Carina B. Couture

The Suzanne Neville Admire Dress

Daisy’s choice of the ‘Admire’ crepe dress from Suzanne Neville spoke volumes about her fashion-forward mindset. Known for clean lines and subtle draping, Suzanne Neville designs are synonymous with elegance, and Daisy’s gown was no exception.

The dress’s simplicity was beautifully offset by unique accessories, including pink velvet shoes and a handmade veil, showcasing Daisy’s personal touch and background in fashion design.

Dewsall Court

The luxurious yet cosy Dewsall Court, set within the Duchy of Cornwall estate, provided a stunning backdrop for showcasing the gown.

Despite weather forecasts predicting rain, the day was filled with autumnal sunshine, illuminating the exquisite details of Daisy’s Suzanne Neville dress.

Find Your Suzanne Neville Gown

Are you inspired by Daisy’s elegant choice for her wedding day? Visit our boutique to explore Suzanne Neville’s timeless designs.

Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines and elegant draping of the ‘Admire’ crepe dress or another of Neville’s stunning creations, we invite you to book an appointment and discover the gown that speaks to your unique style and vision for your special day.

Daisy’s wedding is a reminder of the power of a beautifully crafted gown to transform your wedding day into an expression of your personal elegance. 

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