Your Journey

So he’s proposed and you’ve accepted…
…now it’s time to find THE dress

This award winning boutique will offer you in-depth knowledge along with bespoke styling for both your figure and more importantly your personality! These appointments are generally run by Carina herself where she will share her expertise, genuine honesty and her great sense of fun.

The headings below will explain many aspects of your journey, alternatively please pick up the phone and talk to us. We are here to help!

Our designers truly are the leaders of the industry and are the epitome of ultimate luxury. Their gowns are cut and made in the UK mainly to order for each bride. We are proud to have a close, one-to-one relationship with each designer and work exclusively with them on your behalf.

The handpicked designers we represent comprise some of the country’s most prestigious, each being the most high-ranking within their profession and style.

Suzanne Neville – Renowned for her hour glass figure enhancing corsetry with contemporary design and clean classic cut.

Sassi Holford – Modern classic gowns for brides wanting timeless with a twist.

Caroline Castigliano – Refined luxury, relaxed glamour and sartorial sensuality.

E&W – Beautiful eclectic dresses empowering free spirited brides to be themselves.

Amy Mair – Ornate styling with organic beauty fused with theatrical illusion.

Our consultations are one-to-one with Carina herself and run for approximately 1.5 hours where you are given an in-depth and professional styling advice which covers many aspects of your wedding. This consultation is genuine and honest with a vast understanding of each brides individuality.

We also have a fabulous team of administrators who are here to help you at every turn or query.

The final yet most important part of your journey with us is with our In-House couture level seamstresses whose expertise ensure perfection in the final outcome of your chosen dress.

Carina Baverstock Couture
11 Silver Street
BA15 1JY

01225 866610

Do think about the financing of your dress in advance of your appointment as this will help you focus when it comes to making your final decision. Dresses start from just under £2000 – £5000.

We do apply particular importance to the standard of the fitting of our gowns and therefore, make a charge for this. This charge is discussed at the time of fittings with you allocated seamstress when the right fitting package for you is recommended. We offer full made-to-measure service with a toile and/or standard fitting packages.

We have a premium ex-display dress boutique for those lucky brides whose height and size may work for these dresses at amazing discounted prices. These brides would still receive the excellent Carina Baverstock Couture experience.

Carina will take time to listen to all your wedding hopes, worries and anxieties about any figure issues and, with the right advice and choice of dress all these wobbles will be magically taken away!!

Our CBC brides are confident and elegant throughout. They will be guided whilst trying on several dresses from our stunning collections and helpful advice will be given on the perfect colour, texture as well as correct neckline and overall silhouette to balance your figure.

It is helpful to wear nude underwear with good fitting pants and a strapless bra if possible. We do have a small selection of bras and shoes for your convenience.

All our special one-to-one consultations are charged at £35.

This can be a brilliant way to purchase your wedding gown however being an average height and a size 8-12 can be an advantage. All our ex-display dresses are of premium quality and excellent condition. Alteration packages are available to purchase.

These sale gowns are paid in full at the time of purchase.

We love little ones but please try not to bring them with you to your very special consultation. We want you to be able to soak up every moment and not feel distracted in any way from the enjoyment of the boutique.

During consultations, we would recommend not taking any photographs however we offer a Facebook Portal service for those who wish to share your moment with.

Our dresses are not a general mass market type found in many shops. We offer truly high end designer gowns which are hand cut and hand finished for you by excellent British semi-couture production houses. These schedules when full will be closed to you. Book now to avoid disappointment!

So you’ve said “YES TO THE DRESS”

Congratulations on becoming a CBC bride!

The Team will always be here to hold your hand and advise you through any wobbles or queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at all. They will now process your order and organise all fitting appointments with you (feel free to call with any queries you may have).

These are highly trained, couture standard seamstresses. She is your new best friend and she will work with you, advising you on the right underwear, the fit of the dress and of course, carry out necessary alterations for you to ensure perfect fit. Finally she will press and professionally pack your gown for collection.

We like to recommend Ender Legard for all underwear solutions.

We offer fittings from Monday through Friday. Do chose a day of the week that you can always make so that you can work with your same allocated fitter. 

It is advisable to book time out of your busy diaries now for these all important fittings.

1. Breathe Deeply and Relax! Let us assure you that the first fit of your actual gown is to ‘perfect the fit’ – don’t expect it to be perfect yet, that is why you are with us, so that we can get it just right for you.

2. You are working with experienced, fully trained, in-house bridal fitters and couture level seamstresses who will ensure you have a beautifully fitted dress but please try to keep in mind the following advice:

– May we advise you just bring one or two special people such as your mum or bridesmaid as a second pair of eyes, preferably it should be the person dressing you on the day.

– BRA and SHOES are essential for a 1st fitting and without them our fitters cannot do their job.

  1. Bring a choice of bras (leave the labels on!) and allow the fitter to advise the best bra for you and your dress. If you are struggling to find good underwear that will work with your dress, then we may have found the perfect solution for your backless, frontless and strapless needs! Please click on the following link to view this great range:
  2. Knickers should be nude and seamless
  3. Choose shoes which are comfortable and will last the whole day and evening. If you change to a lower shoe later on your wedding day, your dress will ‘drag’ across the floor.

– At first fit, decide with your fitter on everything you feel needs to be done on your dress so that by the second fit, it should all be perfect for you. It is imperative you hold your weight between first and second fit. Third fits are available, but the less your dress is handled, the more pristine it will remain and the fewer additional costs you will incur.

– It’s important to arrive on time for your fittings. Unfortunately we cannot keep the next bride waiting, so it will be your appointment that is cut short.

– Smile, you are a lucky girl wearing the most beautiful dress in the world!