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Welcome to Carina B Couture

Luxury Bridal Dress Shop
Bath & Bristol | Bradford on Avon

Carina B Couture is an award winning, long established, luxury bridal boutique where expertise has been gathered to offer you a premium experience of genuine wedding dress advice and customer service

Our expertly trained stylists will listen to your concerns and needs and hold your hand whilst guiding you through your important dress journey.

You will be immersed into the beauty and serenity of an elegant spacious show room with both privacy and time to understand your particular needs and help you find a dress that enhances your figure and more importantly is really you.

We will introduce you to the most incredible selection of beautifully created dresses that inspire and excite by the very best of British and European designers. These dresses are superior quality both in looks and comfort.

Our renowned ‘in house’ fitting team of couture level tailoresses will use their experienced eye to ensure eventual perfect fit of your ordered and chosen gown. You are in safe hands.

We welcome each and everyone of you to step into the world of excellence which is Carina B Couture.

Carina B Couture, is an award-winning bridal boutique, providing a premium experience, honest advice and genuine customer service.

Our expert stylists listen to your concerns and guide you through your dress journey in an elegant, spacious showroom with privacy and time to understand your needs. We offer a selection of beautifully created dresses to inspire and excite you, by the best of British and European designers, known for their superior quality in style and comfort to enhance your natural figure.

Our in-house team of couture fitters ensures an immaculate fit for your chosen gown. We will find the dress that truly reflects you, that is what we do.

Luxury Fabrics & Quality Craftsmanship

All our gowns are hand cut and hand finished to perfection.

Only the very best Italian silks and French laces are used by our designers along with their renowned skill at producing comfortable corsetry and beautifully cut gowns ensuring ultimate fit and supremely flattering silhouettes.

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At Carina B Couture

Appointments are mostly run with exclusive use of our stunning showroom where privacy and understanding are guaranteed. We will listen to YOU and react to YOUR needs. Advice will then be given about silhouettes that work for you; necklines which balance the jawline and fabric colour nuances that flatter your complexion. Its all about you- your personality and sense of style packaged into a superb dress that tells the story of who you are.

*Allow 90 minutes for this magic to happen.

After Service

Your bridal journey is of paramount importance including the fittings and final tailoring of your ultimate dream dress. You will be in the safe hands of our couture standard in house tailoress’ who will ensure perfection!

Exclusive Event with Caroline Castigliano

introducing her new superb ‘I Believe in Love’ collection.

With Private appointments on Saturday 30th November

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